Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Pope Genuflects before The Father of Lies.

What one must realize is that corporations are soulless and inhuman. They do not care about the human factor whatsoever. They care ONLY about profit and they seek for that profit to be as extreme as it is possible for it to be and the cost to quality, longevity and safety are of no concern whatsoever. Any corners that can be cut will be cut. When it comes to research, what you see happening with the mouse is tame. There are no limits to what they will do to reach a market share supremacy. What we have learned about Planned Parenthood is also tame. Speaking of PP, here’s a little graphic newsbyte, as the politically controlled and marketplace manipulated rap industry is set into motion, to seduce all those minds south of the 100 IQ borderline. This is the predominant musical medium of the day and as a result it is a full on expression of the Hegelian Dialectic. That is why you see it presented as a free wheeling outlaw style as if it were the refuge of liberty in expression; meanwhile all of its expressions are geared toward drawing the collective consciousness down into a pit of perversion, bondage and darkness.

The Pope is in town, shilling for Global Warming and immigrant rights. He mentioned God once, under the term of ‘creator’. Here is a steaming load of shit written for public consumption; those who don’t mind eating shit as long as it is served to them warm and the fast food industry has proven this. As has the international pharmaceutical industry and most glaringly, the entertainment and information cesspools that steam and bubble with toxic wastes.

First we get this from Bezos Central and then we get this fatuous piece that says they’ve received no threats but here are the threats. Personally, I have no interest one way or the other in the pope’s welfare, given that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone else and is simply a posturing cartoon character, going through the motions of magical deception. He’s a liar who works for the Father of Lies.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Pope Genuflects before The Father of Lies.


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