Visible Origami | To Mimic the Sun in the Luminous Heart of Everyone.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It ‘s hard to be polite about things that a possum should be able to see through but the human race is unable to recognize. If you will forgive me, I just spent some time I would rather have been doing other things with, trolling through fundie and conservative forums and the amount of blind and sarcastic ignorance is stunning and you can’t break the surface of it because it appears that stupid is not skin deep. Like ugly, it seems to go all the way to the bone. No amount of reasonable argument or incontrovertible fact is equal to the task.

It appears that calamity is the only option for wider awakening, unless some necessary amount of grace is poured out of the celestial regions. That can’t be counted out and if that is coming then all bets based on appearances would be off and as usual, it’s always good to remember that appearances lie. So I am not going to let myself be sucked into the idea that gloom and doom are the only options. The power of the ineffable is greater by magnitude as a million suns would be by comparison with an ordinary flashlight. There is always the possibility that some given number of us will be in possession of an awareness that allows us to transcend in a quantum leap of consciousness, or it may be that the early birds are mere forerunners of a greater ascending mass. Whatever the case may be, let us operate with a wide compassion for all things because any higher level of awareness demands this and you will go nowhere without it.

I know that most of the people who come here are earnest about succeeding in the possession of higher consciousness. Some of us have skills in this area and some of us have game plans and some of us have only a burning need. It can be said that there are many applications that have some degree of effectiveness. I’m not going to analyze or judge the efficacy of any of them. I merely wish to submit that Love is the most certain, direct and powerful of all the antidotes for evil in any form. In the exercise of this, I fall back on a simple formula and that is to love the ineffable to the limits of my capacity and in every life circumstance that presents itself. Basically, I recognize the power of the sun in my heart and the nuclear force of it is Love. This power has a source and that source is the true self within. This self is ordinarily hindered in it’s operations by the dark shield of the false self …but with the cooperation of the soul and the necessary fiery trials provided, the true aspirant, or initiate, as you prefer; this shield of resistance is burned away. For each of us… the required steps and circumstances vary because our ability for persistence, or determination, as you prefer, varies but… each of us are capable to the end result. We CAN do this. I hate to sound like some cheerleader utilizing flowery phrases but I assure you I am dead serious and sincere in what I say and if this is all the words I have to say it in then they will have to do.

Source: Visible Origami | To Mimic the Sun in the Luminous Heart of Everyone.


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