Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Depravity of the Beast in the Hours before the Dawn.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Well… it looks like that Oregon shooting is a big put up job like all the others. If a picture says a thousand words then this one is War and Peace, or something by Minchner and of course there are any number of videos. Some go after this one specific event and aren’t very well done and some go after the collective of false flags and are better done. Some bring up very interesting details and illustrate people like that Oregon sheriff. Here is someone that provides hope that not all of us are cowardly followers of impossible scripts.

Meanwhile there is much darker shit going on over in the center for international Israeli bankers called, London. It has long looked like London is the main center for Satanic pedophilia and child sacrifice. Perhaps it has always been like that and goes all the way back to things like ancient Druidic evil. It seems like certain things got woken up in that land a long time ago and these forces have since prospered and countless children and others have died in agony at the hands of aristocrats and other privileged sorts and the evil goes all the way up into the royal family, the church hierarchy, the leaders in business and politics and of course, all curses flow from the central bankers.

The thing is… when you are inclined toward evil and… some amount of us always are… and far more of us become so inclined in times of material darkness then… the kicks that are possible through what money and position will provide, soon lose their flavor and become old. One is pressed in pursuit of ever more and more dark experiences, in order to satisfy a hunger that cannot be satisfied this way and which only grows stronger as a result. It grows stronger and more demented because… the fires of these appetites are stoked by invisible (and eventually not so invisible) demonic forces because these forces seek more than anything else to become manifest and to especially do so through the possession of a human vehicle, where they can then express hungers that no sane or humane soul would consider.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Depravity of the Beast in the Hours before the Dawn.


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