Smoking Mirrors | The Center for the Search for Ageless Wisdom and Other internal Wonders and Recognizing Bullshit.

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There are gradients of ignorance. I don’t know if there is a national ignorance registry, or office of stupidity in the US. I know they have agencies that generate and cultivate it but I don’t know if there is a place where they do statistics and analysis. However, we here at The Center for the Search for Ageless Wisdom and Other internal Wonders do have a passing familiarity with ignorance because we have encountered it many times. We have observed it from afar; often the best position to do so from …and we have read about it and heard about it many times, so we are familiar with incremental measurements like; dumbass, bone deep stupid, too ignorant to put a metric reading on and other terms and titles. Ignorance is not simply a product for domestic consumption and export from the US. You can find it all over the planet. There was plenty of it in evidence on the beaches of Thailand, during that big tsunami and now it appears that there is a veritable convention talking place in Puerto Vallarta, where some number of people are going to sit out the storm at a resort and other places where waves of 40 feet are expected. That means they could be higher too. The winds are around 200 miles an hour and it is the strongest storm ever measured on the planet and the strongest, well… it would be… to ever hit Mehico.
It’s hard, sometimes, to tell if it is really ignorance at work or if it is Karma and all those Samskaras. Of course, there is a direct relationship between these things and the level of ones Karma can be observed or experienced according to the degree of operational ignorance going on. In the Hindu tradition they have the 3 gunas. Although we don’t have an appropriate word in English for the word guna, it roughly translates into ‘quality’. So there are 3 qualities of being that are termed, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Sattva is effulgent with light and luminescence. You see this in the beings of masters and those who are realized and it is often not tainted with the influence of the other two. Rajas can be thought of as passion and Tamas is ignorance or inertia. Very often they are compounds and especially in times of Materialism you see a lot of Rajas and Tamas working in concert, though I would expect the melody to be rather dissonant.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | The Center for the Search for Ageless Wisdom and Other internal Wonders and Recognizing Bullshit.


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