Smoking Mirrors | The Daily Mockeries of Justice in PC Disneyland.

Early morning European edition…

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Yeah… those poor Israelis are just misunderstood they’re just unwitting pawns as some like to paint them. I see them as monsters devoid of conscience but… that’s just me. The one thing I notice most about them is when the Ashkenazi settlers and other lampreys like the right wing orthodox groups and rabid rabbis launch attacks against defenseless Palestinians, the army shows up to protect the attackers and any time they want to to fulfill some blood contract with demons they just shoot some bottle rockets into empty lots and then send the warplanes in overhead with bombs or white phosphorous. The terrible spectacle of the Daily Mockeries of Justice here in the manifest are a wonder to behold. Hypocrisy, arrogance and other horrific human failings, war for supremacy around the world. There seems to be no end to it. One can take away only one positive from all of this and that is the knowledge that one is not engaged in these things.

Of course, there are other mindsets one can experience in these times. One can be indifferent except to the single focus of their personal pursuits. One can be sadly brainwashed by the insanity of Political Correctness and the many transparent lies that attend it, like this for instance. One can be a supporter of vampire charities that are charitable to no one except for those collecting the money. In these times there is a bewildering kaleidoscope of bad choices one can make and there is a tremendous pressure to make at least a few of these wrong choices because otherwise… you might wind up by the side of the road. There are a myriad of glittering emporiums for work and play, where one’s self image gets stroked and one can feel important in the company of other important souls. It comes at a cost though. You are compelled to pretend to believe things that are not true in order to continue in the company of these other important souls. God forbid you should hold original thoughts that are out of place with conventional wisdom or, far worse, controversial ideas that challenge the status and control of these other important souls. Your own status, your paycheck, the well being of your families, depend on you capitulation to what is not real. In the beginning you might have had some idea of what was real and what was not but… soon enough, you can no longer tell the difference in the Land of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | The Daily Mockeries of Justice in PC Disneyland.


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