Smoking Mirrors | The Dark Armageddon Gothic of the Satanic International Banker Army of Zion.

Welcome to the apocalypse coming into full bloom, like Damiana Trumpets hanging upside down or Belladonna Nightshade subshrub, not intended for hedge growth. We get a lot of good things from Belladonna and from Damiana too. Perhaps this could mean we will get a lot of good out of the apocalypse. Unless something truly wonderful is blooming behind the dark Armageddon Gothic of this production; the most menacing of all the appearances in the Middle East that we have seen to date, in this stretch of recorded history. If we were to simply go on the way it looks and based on the character of all the participants, given what we know about them, awful things will happen and global conflict seems unavoidable, given what we know of the character of the participants.

This stinks of a lie and why does it say that the US is not a signatory to the Geneva Convention? Besides, the coordinates had long been given to the NATO forces and all kinds of communications were going back and forth. There is a chance that this was a setup too by some on the inside of the military, considering how it times out with what is going on in Syria and how that further hamstrings the Zionist banker run Armageddon Army.

Things have not shaken out according to appearances so far in all kinds of ways. The economy has not crashed, although it still may. Martial law has not come to the domestic US, although it still may. Rumors of gold and silver remain rumors. The sexual identity wars and Satanically sick Political Correctness continue to run amok. The one thing I do notice more than I ever have is the atmosphere of humanity in all those places where they pass one another or congregate. There is such a palpable sense of sadness… frustration… and always there is that anger, which is the product of material culture. Whenever the natural spiritual nature of people is buried in the garbage of a disposable culture, there is anger. There is also that underlying sense of pointlessness and meaninglessness that attends being hemmed in by material culture. The hamster wheel spins madly and it takes all of your attention to keep your balance and the costs continue to increase and that increases the speed of the wheel; quality of life goes out the window.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | The Dark Armageddon Gothic of the Satanic International Banker Army of Zion.


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