Visible Origami | Spiritual Pretenders on Megalomaniacal Benders

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to a small sector of the Arcturian Brotherhood and the Sirius Cluster. Today we would like to talk about something that has not been discussed here before and that has to do with being realistic about our ambitions and aspirations. This is a critical awareness that is often not given the attention it deserves and ignoring it can be the gateway to all kinds of problems. These things happen incidentally and they happen intentionally and they happen for reasons beyond my understanding because my understanding is limited but let us consider all those yogis that wind up sleeping with their followers and all those Catholic pederast priests that violate the altar boys. Consider also the financial chicanery and outrageous claims made about new age teachers and sundry who often arrange for such claims to be made through their PR flacks.
Were any of them evil at inception? Possibly some of them were but most of the time they were just weak or deluded. Of course, any number of them got into the God Game because of the possibility of large sums of money waiting to be tagged and bagged or buried in the back yard. The delusions of followers can also be examples of mass hallucination. I find it hard to believe that such a mass of individuals would have bought into Rajneesh Osho’s routine after the 99 Rolls Royce’s and the flaming 55 gallon drums for condom disposal; legitimize casual sex and the world will beat a path to your door. Then there is all of this. Of course, canny hangers on like Anand Sheela show up. All kinds of things are going on in places you don’t much hear about.

Source: Visible Origami | Spiritual Pretenders on Megalomaniacal Benders


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