Reflections in a Petri Dish | Mr. Apocalypse goes after The Holocaust Industry.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Maybe you were wondering why I got sort of strange on the last Mirrors. I assure you it was intentional. Whenever strange things start happening to and around me, I seek to document them, even when I leave most of it out. Some of the heat seems to have backed off, so we are back in the usual mode of whatever passes for consistency around here.
The internetverse is lighting up with variations on this particular theme. Everywhere I went I was running into articles such as this. Christopher Bollyn had one linked also but I couldn’t find it at his site, even though it was named as relating to that subject matter but this happens. His site is immense and they probably linked the site instead of the article… or I am missing something. Often it is some kind of combination (grin). And then there is this.
In any case, if you watch the world in terms of what you cannot see, as do I… you can intuit some pretty startling things, such as the way that information on a given subject will start to surface all over the place in direct defiance of those seeking to keep the party line lies intact. This is happening now with the truth concerning The Holocaust Industry. One great and tragic irony always comes to my mind when I consider this phenomenon and that is the murder by these same scoundrels of tens of millions of Russians during the Bolshevik years. How interesting after accomplishing the biggest ever mass murder on the planet that they devise this following scheme, coming out of their testicle crushing escapades at Nuremberg. It is almost as if they sought to militate against this greatest in a long litany of their crimes against the rest of humanity by developing the most profitable victim industry the world has ever seen… but… Mr. Apocalypse, the biggest unseen actor backstage is bringing the truth, day by day, out before the eyes of the world, in ever larger and more telling uncoverings of what has been concealed for so long.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | Mr. Apocalypse goes after The Holocaust Industry.


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