Smoking Mirrors | The Spinning Twisting Convoluting Hula Hoopla of Horseshit.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
The world is thought born. Material physicists have proven this using something called math. If this is true that means that something or someone ‘thought it into being’. We are potentially, the highest expression of a manifest life form on our particular planet (although most of us don’t act like it). Of course there might be higher life forms of which we are unaware but we’ll leave that speculation for another time. If we were thought into being, according to MATH …and we are, by extension an expression of the thinker …that would imply that we think our lives into being and the world as it exists for us is defined according to the same process. This accounts for what The Buddha had to say on the matter and the recurrence of variations upon the theme of, “as a man thinketh, so it he.”
Most people who argue absurdities, like Richard Dawkins, do it selectively. They do not address the truth of the universe being thought born. Another consideration is that they always use the abuses of religion as the primary example of how there can be no god. Their argument is that there could be no superior being with superior powers who would logically permit the sort of things that go on here. Or, they counter with another argument that if there is a god it must be The Devil because what goes on here is a clear expression of this and accounts for all that survival of the fittest jargon and which also justifies the ‘by whatever means are necessary’, survival and prosperity of those most fit over the wants and needs of those deemed less fit. This further accounts for their penchant for masturbating to old photos of Ayn Rand in a swimsuit, …or Adam Smith if they are more inclined in that direction. It seems more and more of us are going to be more and more inclined in this direction.
How fortunate we are to have heroes constructed for us who remind us of what is worth having and aspiring after. Meanwhile, due to Israeli control over domestic police force training and the wide spread use of steroids, Americans are getting an ever increasing dose of this. Meanwhile, at the cutting edge of the new arriving age, certain nations are reacting as all nations must eventually need to react, if they desire to avoid terminal enslavement, followed by death and worse. I knew I should have moved to Iceland awhile ago.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | The Spinning Twisting Convoluting Hula Hoopla of Horseshit.


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