Visible Origami | The Ring of Fire Dance with the Orc Master Elite

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Well… Black Friday was a disaster for the merchants, here on the precipice of the crumbling dream of Materialism. There is a feeling that comes to me at regular intervals. It has no date stamp. Its shape is without any clear form. All I have taken away from it is that it is large… very large and it is going to change the world more than all the events of the last several decades. It has the sensation of being a natural event, like the Ring of Fire going nova colossal or… something. Of course I know that the event could be something generated out of all the tension and chaos of these times but… given that I don’t know, we will leave it in the realm of speculation. I bring it up because it is very strong at the moment… this sensation… it is filled with imminence. It’s been mentioned here before and always when it has exerted enough pressure to get commented on but… so far… it hasn’t happened.
There is this companion sensation which has come into bloom in recent days and that is that whatever is coming (if it is coming) is for the purpose of counterpointing the foul plans of the Orc Master elite and the attending ignorance of the masses running pell mell for the cliff edge of the abyss. It is a signal wake up call of such devastating impact that it puts all kinds of things in the rear view mirror; some of them permanently. I’m not discounting something from outer space. I don’t know why I said that. I’m not discounting anything.
The basis for these feelings that come and go, on some mysterious bio-rhythmic circuit, is that everything is composed of mindstuff and that mindstuff expresses itself through us, collectively and individually. It expresses in our countries and cultures. It expresses in our differences and similarities. It expresses as well in all the various kingdoms of nature other than our own and it is representative, after another fashion, in all the mountains and plains and bodies of water… in the sky and so forth. There is a harmony to all of it that is ordinarily maintained by an agreement between ourselves and the greater environment that we inhabit and it manifests in our forms of behavior and speech and thought that conforms with the greater environment and the invisible ether that interpenetrates everything and out of which comes the elements that give shape and body to everything.

Source: Visible Origami | The Ring of Fire Dance with the Orc Master Elite


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