Reflections in a Petri Dish | Our Annual Merry Christmas Posting.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
People are writing me to check and see if I am okay. It seems like if I am gone for even a few days, concern mounts. Oddly enough I am walking through a minefield of sorts because this island doesn’t want me to go; Doesn’t even want me to sell my car even at a reasonable price, doesn’t want me to rent a car so I can sell my car, doesn’t want me to be able finance the necessities of the moment by putting extremities upon me. All that is meaningless… what will be will be. Of course, in the leaving, people are showing up from all over the place from Australia to Vancouver. It has been interesting and wonderful and slightly taxing as well. I do know where I am going, at least for the momentary months progressed into Spring and after that it will take care of itself. I have my ticket. Now we just pack and send what we can. I will say that of all the phases I have been through in recent years, this is the strangest and now my landlady wants me to stay but… the attorney general just sent me a bill for 14000.00 that somehow got managed to accrue in just a few hours before I was shipped to Honolulu. They want to hear from me in ten days. As far as I know, nothing was done to or for me in the few hours before I got shipped off. Of course I can’t stay here. I have no money for the attorney general. Maybe they will hunt me down for sport (grin).
A severe economic crisis is coming. It isn’t supposed to come into full bloom until the presidential elections are over but it could come sooner. The indicators all say sooner… kind of a reverse Christmas present. The good news is that it won’t touch those of us that are poor. It will hit the investors who didn’t cash out and it will hit equities. It will, as usual, slam the middle class; what’s left of it. Of course, one must not forget the Weimar Republic when it comes to cashing out when cash turns to toilet paper and we know who caused that.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | Our Annual Merry Christmas Posting.


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