House of Cards-Empire of Lies | Veterans Today

by Preston James

…seems to become more and more exposed by the Internet’s Alternative Media and by word of mouth. Despite the extreme power and hegemony this Globalist NWO Occult group has attained over the last 100 years by hijacking America’s institutions, it is actually an Empire of Lies and a House of Cards.

As the Truth continues to expose their Lies and the American masses begin to understand who runs it and how they use anti-human criminal means to acquire and maintain power, its immense vulnerability to sudden collapse from exposure of its blatant lies becomes more and more apparent.

Those who control the levers of power, the “Powers That Be” (*PTB) now see their demise as a distinct possibility given the deep incursions of truth into their System of Lies.

Consequently the PTB are taking numerous extreme actions motivated by fear of discovery and potential impending demise.

The PTB’s deepest darkest secret fears of exposure of their biggest foundational lies are now increasing by the day. To counter this they are reacting by instituting more and more large scale actions which are now being perceived by many Americans as Police State tyranny.

It is obvious that the PTB are beginning to believe that unless they neutralize all the vast new truth disclosures that they create and deploy ALL Terrorism and other inside information about their evil the Internet’s Alternative News sites are providing, their complete exposure is imminent.

Source: House of Cards-Empire of Lies | Veterans Today


One Response

  1. PTW, not PTB: Powers That Were; when we say PTB then we are reinforcing that reality: we are the creators of our reality;

    They are the powers that were… history, kaput, a non-entity that needs us to create as they only know how to destroy; in peace

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