Reflections in a Petri Dish | Out with The Old and in with The Temporarily New.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

(Greetings. We are back much earlier than expected. That said… let us continue on with whatever it is that we do here.)

Happy New Year, dear reader! Let us hope that in the compelling uncertainty of these times that we can be compelled toward a certitude of unwavering purpose. I always like to remind myself that in times of pervasive darkness, it is simple physics that the light concentrates somewhere or various somewheres and the most overlooked of locations is… within. One is either distracted by their surroundings and things at a remove from the sensory bandwidth, via the undisciplined activities of the imagination, or provoked by unreasonable fears through the tambourine and tympani action of the dark side percussion section of the Satanic Symphony, which is center stage these days. In times of materialism the visible conductor is always drawn from the infernal regions. The real conductor, who is invisible, is the one who pulls the strings on the visible conductor and not the other way around. This is something that most people, brainwashed by myth and legend or religion don’t get and if it isn’t the government that lied to them, it’s the church and if it isn’t the church, it’s the educational system and if it isn’t the educational system, it’s the marketplace and if it isn’t the marketplace, it’s their parents, who either began the process of deception or stood by and let it happen.

I went traveling yesterday evening and this morning to see what I could come up with as reference points for this alleged new year, finding ever more egregious examples of contemporary trends. I found explanations for things that hadn’t been explained before but made a whole lot of sense to me. I saw things I had never seen or heard of before that looked like something along the lines of the affluenza defense. I will admit that my first or second thought after the initial surprise was; “How do I get one of those?” I saw things that were just further confirmation of scenarios, which indicated ever more deep conspiracies of depravity but which, most of us know are only surface chimeras of monsters who are darker than anything we have actually seen or heard about and I saw the trending glimmer of ubiquitous offenses to come and which have, in fact, already arrived. The reaction, from this quarter to all of these is exactly what was said earlier about compelling uncertainty and certitude of unwavering purpose.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | Out with The Old and in with The Temporarily New.


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