Visible Origami | Is that A Dead Hamster on Your Head or are You just Glad to See Me?

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The winds of change are blowing across the tundra. The wolves are howling. Their distant voices merge in a rough harmony, across the great wastes of the land that might have been. However, as the great sage once said, “Those who miss after almost wining, should have known the end from the beginning.”

The wolves seem to be at a fairly great distance but sound is tricky in the wild. Anyway… there is nothing but time and as a result, distance is no thang, the same way that lies are no thong, even when that which the lies conceal isn’t even there. Let us consider Donald Trump. That hair of his is some kind of a thong and definitely what the hair conceals, serves a purpose not unlike what one associates as ‘thong job one.’ Of course, we should keep in mind that a thong does nothing in terms of protection or concealment from the back end.

I hear seemingly reasonable people talking up The Donald, as if he weren’t some morphed variation of Donald Duck with a vocoder VST and different writers and script girls. I keep getting eerie flashbacks of what was going on when that lying sack of shit, Cucumber Obama was milking the poisoned tit of American Consciousness with his rope a dope ‘hope and change’. Hope went south for the duration and change went to Cousin Brucie Jenner and a couple of million dead people in the Middle East. Then some millions set out for The Promised Land, which is not unlike the Land of Hope, where they are serving to destroy European Culture, under the guidance and direction of Zionist Bankers, who orchestrated the whole deal, as an extension of an earlier arrangement that was reached between them and His Satanic Majesty, as a counterpoint to the apocalypse, which is tantamount to using a sandy beach as a barrier to ocean waves.

via Visible Origami | Is that A Dead Hamster on Your Head or are You just Glad to See Me?.


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