Smoking Mirrors | The Sinuous, Half Snake, Half Weasel and Half Mongoose, Sidewinder Sleaze.

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Well… we are mystified… Yes and no. We are and we are not. It’s kind of like Zen and they are even using Zen, as we mentioned recently but we are not going to mention what I am talking about because that just plays into the whole back and forth of perversion ping pong. We don’t have to talk about it specifically though. We can talk around it. Obviously there is money being spent and a great deal of effort being put into the arguments being provided. The arguments are constructed two major ways. One of them is to use junk science, dressed up as real science… like hockey stick global warming. This is counterpointed by a dismissive superiority of perspective that appeals to a basic demand that you research something before you reject it. This serves to suck you into something that is so bogus it doesn’t deserve the time of day, which… in respect of this subject is right twice a day like any busted clock.

A lot of attention is being put into the attempt to make a person feel bad for not taking something patently absurd seriously. There is this sinuous, half snake, half weasel and half mongoose, sidewinder sleaze, not unlike the breast cancer awareness appeal and you should feel terrible for not buying into something that has nothing to do with what it claims to have to do with but is only about making money in the most cynical fashion and the only money that does get shared out or invested, is into research to find new ways to create more breast cancer. That’s what it is like.

So this new madness that is lurching through the internet like a gigantic, behind two quarts (at least) of Thunderbird, Tiger Rose or the white port of your choice, alkie… is most certainly a well funded, George Soros type of NGO. It could as well be a CIA/NSA corruption of all things natural. I don’t know who is doing it. What I do know is that it is one of the usual suspects and it’s paying well or they wouldn’t have the kind of talent they have operating from their side of the fence.

On the one hand they want to flood your head (should you be stupid enough to pay attention) with all kinds of charts, pie and line graphs, measured National Geographic voice overs. It’s pretty professional. I’m flattered that they have picked our sites as several of the sites being selected for their attention but I am also pissed off that I have not been offered any money to lie and help promote this thing. Obviously they have deep pockets. Well… let me tell you right here. You get no space at all unless you intend to offer me some serious cash. Why should I let you come in here and attempt to create chaos and dissension and you don’t proffer dime one? Now… of course, you could offer me any amount of money and it would get you nowhere but… that is besides the point. I deserve at least the attempt at bribery and coercion. I deserve some small modicum of respect.

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