Reflections in a Petri Dish | There are a Lot of Rocks in Pandora’s Box.

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We move into the cultural end of our segment of the blogsphere today. So… it could be relevant to start off with a couple of links. Here you will experience the information side of the contemporary theft experience. I include it only for anyone soon to be reduced to a state of needing to know these things, once the economy goes into freefall; if that ever happens, because for ten years all I hear are threats and dire predictions that never happened, except for awhile in 2008 and about which you can learn all kinds of things in this recent film that might well sweep the Academy Awards this year. Since Foxhunter, Steve Carrell has been showing some amazing acting chops, of wide ranging and diverse abilities. Well, I’m not a film critic, except when I am, so let’s move on.

In the not really real, real world, far more sinister things are afoot as the fastest growing religion since Mormonism and Scientology swells its ranks worldwide; that would be Satanism. The reason that Satanism is proliferating at such a rate is several fold. Primarily it is due to Materialism, since Mammon and Satan are blood brothers in harness, like yoked oxen. The other reasons I will leave in the area of general speculation because we want to go somewhere else with everything today, even if it’s right in the same ballpark.

One of the elusive features of Satanism is that the majority of people so engaged do not realize they are Satanists. You become a Satanist when the drive for material things becomes greater than your sense of humanity. One of the side effects of this is depersonalization. One of the side effects of depersonalization is you forget who you are and an important factor in this regard is that many of these people never knew who they were in the first place. This is because, when materialism becomes ascendant, self-inquiry is the first thing that goes out the window and it is replaced by mimicry and emulation. Who would one seek to emulate or mimic in a world where materialism is massively influential? Well, of course, one mimics the icons of the day and the more the quality of life and character diminishes under the force of material culture, the more insipid and watered down the icons become; ergo… the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, brain dead rap thugs and then there are the memes, like trumping up the heroism and sacrifice of canon fodder, in order to produce warm bodies for the battlefields of the world.

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