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Two for one Day.

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We are all too often trapped at some place between the obvious and the patterns we developed based on what we think we saw and heard that happened around us and what we have been convinced of that happened before we were even around. In the process, we overlook a possibility in existence that might answer so many questions we cannot resolve about who and what is responsible for why we find ourselves in the world we collectively inhabit. It is possible that none of what we see and hear about is the cause …but that it all simply came out of nowhere, for the purpose of whatever the lesson is that we all came here to experience. In other words, imagine that life is a series of movies and each of them involves a complex plot in which all of us are scripted actors. Some of it is fixed dialogue and action and some of it is extemporaneous.

Some people believe in astrology but don’t understand it very well and some people reject it out of hand and don’t understand it at all. It’s like those laws of Nature that operate all around us. We are only aware of a few of them but our lack of awareness of those outside of our understanding does not negate their effect on existence and upon us, whether we are aware of them or not. Consider the Music of the Spheres. Now… whether you reference Johannes Kepler on this or Pythagoras is immaterial. The planets create a musical score according to the manner in which they interplay in space. This is always changing and it sets up vibrationary aspects which manifest as specific expressions of dancers moving to the rhythm of the cosmos, as it defines its will through the relationships of the planetary archetypes to each other. THIS IS ALWAYS CHANGING and there is both a method and intention passing from the unknown into the dream generator planets, into the particular dreams of all of the dreamers. This is my interpretation and it is probably as imperfect as any other.

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