Smoking Mirrors | It All Rests on Who and What you Dedicate Your Life To.

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In times of material darkness, when the cancer of Materialism is in Stage 4, one has only to look at the mechanism of gain to see the why of anything we know to be wrong. Take the recent activities of the BLM. Consider that back when Bush the Stupid was running for Moron in Chief, mining consortiums were some of his most serious donors. The BLM land grabs are all efforts being made on behalf of mining interests that own the Department of the Interior. They’re not the only ones, just the main one. Here’s a small amount of insight into the scheme.

All sorts of madnesses are afoot. Look at Koln (Cologne) Germany at New Years. Yes, this is really happening. Cologne is a major center of the arts in Germany. It is a young and vital metropolis. There is a bridge there where the whole span of it has combination and other kinds of locks attached to the bridge railing. I believe it has to do with unions and marriages but… I could be wrong. Sooner or later a reaction of rage is going to set in. Already, in the east of the country they are torching locations housing migrants. Meanwhile… the work of disinfo agents continues apace.

We are in uncharted waters, where large movements are being generated by the insane. These movements are of many different kinds. Some are literal and some are not. For all of the cleverness, intelligence and acumen we attribute to the evil ones in this world, they are truly mad and marching and sometimes running to their inevitable destruction. Blame it on hubris but that is not the only thing. There are strange and powerful intoxicants that attend the practitioners of evil and this is all as it should be.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | It All Rests on Who and What you Dedicate Your Life To.


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