Reflections in a Petri Dish | Your Inside is Out and your Outside is… Uh… I Forget…

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Today we open up with something that I thought about saying, because it was obvious to me but I hesitated. It is the reason when I fight, which I haven’t done in some years; it is why I am completely defensive in my response. Victory is more certain in that regard. It won’t save you from blind side hits, only paranoia will do that and I am not Charlie Manson who said, “total paranoia is total awareness”. Others are saying that what I saw is so. Obama rubbed something into his eye that caused him to tear up and did he cry from both eyes? I don’t even know. I say these things spontaneously and don’t check beforehand. I like it that way because I am almost often correct in my immediate observations but not 100% in my conclusions. I’m limited …but often, as the passage of time has proven… correct. I take no kudos for this. It comes via the intuition. I hear bells, gongs, strange sounds that say… “uh huh”. Well what have we here? What makes me so sure of this is that this is exactly what I thought I saw.

The guy writing this right now is a little gun-shy. It is not because I have been proven wrong so many times because I haven’t. It is more about knowing that I have been wrong about things timewise or detail-wise and my peripheral awareness isn’t 100%. You can get blindsided in this life. It’s all purpose of demonstration but that is small comfort when seen in the light of the aftermath.

One thing I want to press on your awareness is… whenever the bad guys let go of their anonymity, arrogance has taken control and they are now in the spotlight. No one who successfully works in the darkness should EVER give up their anonymity, but… they have. They have. The ineffable, who is the absolute on all things and before whom I am ‘an ant in the afterbirth’, has seen fit to reveal certain things to me, while concealing other things and one thing that I do get… one thing I do get is…  that without the right backer, you are going where the sun does not shine.

As an example of corruption at its finest, we have this.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Your Inside is Out and your Outside is… Uh… I Forget….


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