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We’ve all heard the phrase, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” As we have mentioned in the past, the name Adam means, ‘namer of things’. From this it is, or should be, easy to extrapolate into the idea that we all create the world we live in, according to how we define it. Look around you and you can see this is so. What might not immediately occur to most people is that if they are unhappy with the world they live in, they can redefine it. Another feature of this is that their world gets redefined for them as a result of experiences but they play the critical part by deciding what it means to them. We don’t pay as much attention to ourselves as we should because we are too close to the subject. We are around ourselves all of the time and much of the time we behave and act out within the confines of habit. We become automatic and the unfortunate thing is that in this chronic looping we cease to be alive in any true sense. Another unfortunate result of this is that it makes us easier to control by those who mean us no good.

It might come as a surprise to most people but there are those who make a study of how to control people and besides that, people try to control each other, often. You see this in all the forms of relationship that there are. In some cases it is to be expected and it is even a good thing, depending on the way it is expressed, of course, because sometimes the particular relationship is toxic and it can mess people up for life. I’m talking about the parent/child thing. Very often in any relationship, one party might seek to control the other. Sometimes both are engaged in this; a kind of never ending tug of war, push me pull you thing. Then there are the bigger control systems, like the government, one’s place of employment, religions and so on. Then there are the laws of nature and the laws of the cosmos. They control us in all sorts of ways.

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