Smoking Mirrors | The Friends of Schadenfreude are Defenseless and Alone.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Whatever it was that we were concerned about, or indifferent to, has finally shown up in the Event Horizon. It’s no one thing in particular. I don’t see the reason for links, it is everywhere from Flint to the methane fields of California and all over the world and these are only the things you are hearing about. It is a host of associated ills, marching arm in arm, riding side by side. It’s as if the Light Brigade has formed up behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and there’s a guy in the front that looks a lot like General George Armstrong Custer with a saber in his teeth, like he’s about to turn into Errol Flynn doing Captain Kidd, storming a merchant ship, somewhere in The Doldrums or the Horse Latitudes. They often have a problem of no wind in these locations, due to heated air, given their location in the hot bands of the Earth.

The Horse Latitudes are so named because the Spanish, well known for their less than tender treatment of animals, generally, used to get stuck there and had to toss their horses overboard, so that they could conserve the water, for all those conquistadors who were running around on their humanitarian missions in the Americas. I know there are people who think that the name came from the horses being lowered into the water and then being used to swim the boat out of that wind stagnant location; just as there are people who believe all kinds of things that aren’t true, like what most people believe to be real but which is decidedly not. I’m not saying someone might not have thought about this or even tried to do it but… well let’s not go there.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | The Friends of Schadenfreude are Defenseless and Alone.


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