Visible Origami | Finding our Way Out of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous Woods.

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A big snow storm, no doubt a product of global warming, is hammering the Eastern Seaboard; probably a metaphor for something. A whole lot of forces are going to hammer the US in coming times, for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that nearly every policy in the country is under the control of poisonous viper-like, Satanic bankers and an outgrowth of this is that the rich are consuming everyone and everything in their sight. Another reason is that the general public is aggressively indifferent to the truth because of the courage it requires to see it and the courage and responsibility that follows that. You may include in this; moral decline and the legitimization and enforcement of perversity… it is safe to say that the people and their leaders have lost their way.

The one lost their way a long time ago and the other has been gradually led astray until now… both of them are in the deep, dark and dangerous woods; probably also a metaphor for something. The real problem with losing your way is being unable to find your way back. Some of this has to do with not being able to remember where it was that you were before you got lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. Even worse is that so many are not even aware of being lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. One is never more near hopelessly lost when they are unaware that they are lost.

Sometimes big things come down very slowly. At least this happens slowly up to a point. There is a juncture where the direction downward goes direct and then everything can happen at frightening speed. When the initial and prevailing idea of something… even when a not inconsiderable portion of it was propaganda to begin with, ceases to bear any resemblance to the idea, or ideas, that brought it into being and upon which is was based, it will rot and die. The metaphor of cancer would be fitting in this case. It consumes itself from within. This is observably true at present. It is also true that sometimes something must die so that something else can live. Outworn ideas pass away when the ones who hold them depart. It is most unfortunate when a generation of vipers appears along the way at the critical juncture. That last line is not comprehensive. Sometimes there is a pervasive listlessness, accompanied by segments of collective rage that are focused on all the wrong targets. This is a direct product of the enemy of humanity, whom the bankers serve.

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