Smoking Mirrors | Good Morning, Good Evening… Good Night.

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Good morning! Good morning! Good Morning! … or afternoon or evening, as the case might be. “Say goodnight Gracie!” We’ve been thinking about long skewered and revised historical events (so called). Principally we have been thinking about The Old Testament and the bloodthirsty god it celebrates who ALWAYS comes down, scripturally, on the side of a certain band of blood-soaked revers. Oh… there’s plenty about unfortunate circumstances that always make these people out as victims… here’s the odd thing; these people got thrown out of, pretty much, every country in the world but… when you go to read about the reasons given, you never find much. What is interesting about this is that… if you are a focused and painstaking researcher, the reasons always turn out to be the same reasons. They got tossed by well over a hundred countries that they migrated into, sometimes more than once. The reason was always about MONEY and the control of it, supply side-wise and the siphoning off of a nation’s riches. This is not in dispute and present day evidence of this is so overwhelming as to be inarguable.

Recent revelations (cue Mr. Apocalypse) show that the people in the Old Testament were not the people who presently claim to be those people chosen by this bloodthirsty god; the people who delighted in burnt offerings and… well, what kind of a legitimate god appreciates and revels in the incense of burning flesh? What kind of god appreciates decapitated chickens spraying blood all over the place as a protection against what?

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