Smoking Mirrors | Zikas, Trumps, Migrants and other Mosquitoes.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It is somewhat difficult to to find something to talk about. The news is filled with Trump de Dump or the usual goings on, at a distance, as people in the Mideast kill each other to fulfill the Ersatz Israel Agenda, or are transformed into refugee migrants who have been told the promised land is Northwest and they have the coordinates. That last hasn’t gone so well for everyone except Israel but… things usually don’t when it is a choice between Banker Crime Syndicate Nation and everyone else. They have received a little alarming news. Apparently there is a Tribe of Black Jews from Nigeria, called the Igbo or something like that and I think, since they live in Nigeria that they are thinking about that right of return. We have seen how well Israel treats their black fellows of the faith, like the Ethiopians.

We don’t really want to talk about Israel today and any bad thing we do talk about are somehow connected to Israel.

We should mention Trump a Dump and his Rope a Dope. People are emailing me about my perceived (grin) lack of support for the Trumpster Dumpster. People are sending in comments and doing what looks like guilt tripping me into liking, or at least tolerating the Trumpster because, after all, I like Putin and Trump likes Putin.

via Smoking Mirrors | Zikas, Trumps, Migrants and other Mosquitoes..


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