Visible Origami | The Variegated Flowers and Fruits of this Divine Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
{I had been near finished with a nondescript Petri Dish and then stopped for some reason. I thought to complete it several times and did not and then… this evening I had a communication with the ineffable and I realize I should skip this Petri Dish and write an Origami, mostly because of the full disclosure law that prevails here and because sometimes the honest intimacy of one’s communications of this order, regardless of how it reflects on me and it has reflected badly and well, more than a few times in the process of doing these postings, is sometimes of real help to the reader, just as it is for me}
Tonight I was standing outside my door and having one of my rare, American Spirit rollups (I can’t do many things with the frequency I used to and it has made considerable difference to my well being to back off on certain actions) and reflecting on nothing in particular, when that familiar door opened in the back of my mind and that personal agent of the ineffable began to speak to me;
“I know Visible that I have put you through the grinder in recent years. Through uncanny episodes of seeming misfortune, I have taken all your financial backup away from you. I evicted you from your long residence in Europe, where you existed in a state of relative suspension -career wise- and ended your more or less consistent interplay with ones you loved very much. I rained misfortune down on you on a regular basis, as if that were all there was. I sent you into a series of negative environments and interactions with negative personalities and no matter how much you tried and how hard you worked, I soured your every enterprise. I broke your bones and in neither case did you, or do you, have a clue as to the why of it. I sent you somewhere you had every expectation of a positive outcome and then, through one situation or another, drained away the last of your material backup. Now I have sent you somewhere you have never been and have maintained you in a limbo of WTF, dangling lures with strange bait. You’ve been streaming through your days in the land of The Seven of Cups, knowing that 8 follows it and knowing, like few do… that with all your decades of study in the science and the time spent in other lives, occupied with similar research, you know very little. The problem with those who become knowledgeable at anything, is that they imagine they have acquired some amount of expertise. You know differently and that is perhaps one of your greatest accomplishments to date. If only this were true of a larger number of people, this world would be a far more pleasant and manageable environment.

Source: Visible Origami | The Variegated Flowers and Fruits of this Divine Apocalypse.


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