Visible Origami | Of Kanye and Karma and the Stork of Dharma with a Few Pandavas Too.

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One of the reasons that some of us say, “I don’t know,” beyond the powerful and visceral conviction of it is true and that nothing we thought we knew did us much good except in some limited fashion. We might have gotten rich or seemingly powerful or something that most people think they want but in the end it all turned to the painful hindsight that told us we didn’t know as much as we thought we did and then we lost whatever we had and we discovered that if there was anything we should have tried to know, we should have put our attention on where we wound up after Dreamworld closed for the season on that particular lifetime.

I was very lucky that my master said, “I don’t know,” over and over to me on the day we met, until I had that experience and all that false knowledge I had accumulated and which made me into the person I thought I was, just drained away right out of me. It showed me things about life and the people in it that has served me in good stead through this life but… none of it changed my Karma. Still, there is more than one kind of Karma. There’s earned and deserved Karma and there is assumed Karma and yet others too. There’s Karma that goes right to work as soon as you leave here and directly accounts for who you are and where you arrive at, once you come down the chute into the material realm again. Then there is deferred Karma that might not go down for a thousand years. This gives you ample time to go to work on the necessary changes that can militate against what happens some thousand years later… not many do but… that’s Karma too.

via Visible Origami | Of Kanye and Karma and the Stork of Dharma with a Few Pandavas Too..


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