Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Indicted! | Alternative

Share this information world wide. Stew Webb has just broken another bombshell at http://www.stewwebb.com

Stew Webb just received exciting word from US Intelligence sources who have knowledge of the Hillary Clinton email criminal probe! There’s going to be an upcoming indictment! Stew reports his sources have told him Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover and aide has now been indicted!

This indictment is sealed for now until the investigation is completed but sources close to the investigation say it will be coming out within the next 30 days if all goes well! The question now remains when will Hillary drop out of the race since she is at the top of the pyramid and will be under massive heat soon!

Stew reports patriots inside the government will go to war if Hillary does not get in trouble over her emails. Stew says we will have good news in the near future concerning Hillary Clinton! There’s a battle raging between the good forces who want to bring Hillary Clinton to justice and the evil forces still loyal to the Bush Clinton crime syndicate. Hillary Clinton is desperate to become President as it’s the only way she can escape justice! But according to Stew Webb, this will not be allowed to happen now!

via Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Indicted! | Alternative.


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