Reflections in a Petri Dish | Riding that Train and Watching the World Gamble on By.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Greetings from the other side of the country. Haven’t been here in twenty years and never been where I now am, ever before. It is altogether a better place than I have been in some years. I was told that all of the tests and trials of recent years has now ended for me and it certainly seems as if this is true. Many remarkable circumstances and events are coming about that simply did not happen previously. Everything has changed for me and it takes some getting used to. Gunshy doesn’t go away overnight (grin).
We have paid no attention to the world in the last week and hardly even opened the computer at all. Storms have been lashing California in recent days and I guess I picked the right time to hit the road. Trump is talking about his dick and killing the families of people he decides are terrorists. Not much has changed in the political area from what I can tell and that is the big news of the day, on any day, according to those who fabricate the news for the purpose of setting dimension and parameters to what passes for reality in the slumber rooms of this world.
Now and again, Chris Hedges has written something worth reading but presently he is parroting the paranoia of the Zionist Master Class and making sure to project in double speak, liberal linguistics, the very style and intentions that he discusses, at a distance from his projections of the objects and examples in extension of his arguments, while talking exactly like them with all the impotent passion of one who is safely tucked into the burrows of their pseudo intellectual hidey holes. Quoting Hannah Arendt more than once should be a dead giveaway and tossing in Hitler and Mussolini as the boogeymen of all good things is another. I am guessing that Hedges is a pliant believer in the Holocaust Fantasy and I can’t remember him ever coming out about who was really behind 9/11; correct me if I am wrong. The bulk of ‘these guys’ from the pretend left, like Chomsky, Palast and others, write and talk from the pulpit of their own economic self interest. They say one thing, while shoring it all up with the same tedious arguments that their overseers have demanded of them for as long as they have been permitted to do the backstroke in the Cloaca Maxima.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | Riding that Train and Watching the World Gamble on By.


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