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Corruption can be a hard thing to compute. People on the sidelines, with an exaggerated idea of their own integrity and fortitude often imagine that they would be immune to the conditions that made the one they are observing such poor examples of what we ought to be… into what we should not be but… corruption is a lasting, cycling, looping and permanent expression in Nature and in ourselves and yes… ‘cycling’ and ‘looping’, in juxtaposition, is (or are) a redundancy. Not to notice that corruption is a permanency in all cycles and loops is a hallmark and trademark of the whole affair and let us not have to make a point of ‘hallmarks’ and ‘trademarks’ as we already have with ‘loops’ and ‘cycles’. I suppose one could say, “shit happens” and you may be sure that ‘shit’ is a part of the equation as well and a definite statement on the concept of corruption.

It is true that I take the long way around more often than not but… I suspect the reader would not be pleased if I took the short route. After all… the journey is the point. Once you get wherever it is you arrive at, well… there you are, aren’t you?

In better times, which this is not an example of… corruption is not the larger feature of the movie. There are always dragons to slay but I will venture that a visible dragon, no matter how large, is a far easier kill than an invisible or misidentified dragon. Logically, external beasts are much easier destroyed or taught to dance than internal beasts and that is what brings us, at this point in the posting to the reasons why and how people become corrupted and why people on the sidelines imagine that they themselves would never wind up the same way.

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