Smoking Mirrors | All the Skilled Liars and Diplomatic Weasels Dancing at Doomsday’s Gate.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….Occasionally we get some nasty comments that come in; never more than one a month and sometimes not even that. Earlier today we got two from the same anonymous source. A certain portion of the time we don’t post them because anonymous cowards have no cachet here. If someone were to leave their name and I could verify them, I would post just about anything they had to say but if they are just ambushing from the shadows. I hardly even read the comment, once I establish what it is, I just blip it. I have no real curiosity or interest in reading these things.These last two had to do with my saying I would make a better president right off the street than any of the people running. I believe that. The irate malcontent said there was no way I would be a better president because I am a liar. He didn’t say what it is I lie about and it is unlikely that I lied about much of anything because it is not my nature to do so (I could be wrong about something but that is not the same as lying) and he also said I have no diplomacy and it made me think and brought up some amusing considerations for me. First off, all these candidates are professional liars that far surpass any capacity I have to match them at it. That’s what politicians do, they lie so… wouldn’t my being a liar, supposing I was one, be an asset? Secondly… diplomacy. Now, I suppose diplomacy is just another kind of lying and recent presidents might have some talent for dissembling and playing political patty cake but they are also warmongers who are engaged in mass murder so… how is diplomacy any kind of an expression of public good when, although one can talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time, they are butchering women and children as a matter of course every single day?Furthermore… given what I have seen of the three legged Mr. Potato Sack race so far… are these people engaged in being diplomatic? No… they are not. They are engaged in presenting the appearance of being diplomatic, while the ghost of Lee Atwater fires off salvos from the subterranean sewer pipes below our feet. There is a famous comment about sausage making and law making and how they closely resemble each other and how no one really wants to see the graphics about how either of them are constructed.I have no interest in being diplomatic because that implies the ability to dance around the truth. One can be diplomatic in the way one presents the truth but if all one is doing is dancing around it and in many cases, concealing it, one is not serving the public good, one is being self serving and that is the general persona of politicians in this day and age. Sometimes diplomacy is not the answer. It can indicate that you are not sincere in your interactions with others, so that all your relationships are based on false pretenses. How is that an attractive way of living your life? If you are not consistently diplomatic then your friendships are real friendships and everyone else is just wherever and whatever they are, according to how they stack up against the nature of what you are, based on the way they interpret and take that. I don’t want to be everybody’s friend and I don’t want to get along with everyone and I don’t think I have to explain that. If I were being diplomatic (grin), I would say that none of any of whatever is an indication that this person is evil or that person is good, or however that might be expressed in my case as well. It means that we are simply different and we each are free to adjust or not adjust to each other. There are things I have no intention of adjusting to and that’s not going to change down the road. I have my values and they define me. Take it or leave it.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | All the Skilled Liars and Diplomatic Weasels Dancing at Doomsday’s Gate.


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