Reflections in a Petri Dish | On the Trump Town Train to Sundown and Sunrise up Ahead.

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People who come here are familiar with our thoughts on the Trump Town Escapade. We have maintained for some time that the Trump Train is running on the tracks to Clinton Town and that Trump is a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton. Trump has made many donations in that direction and worked certain actions of support in that direction over the years. Now it comes out that 67% of the Democrats and Independents would not vote for Trump under any circumstances and that is the larger segment of voters.
This is the sort of thing that the Trump campaign is generating. Apparently that is no anomaly either. Where are the Rodney King soundbites when we need them?
Sure… I could be wrong. All kinds of things are going on that indicate some kind of Strange Brew, like Ben Carson’s endorsement of Trump. His commentary concerning it is a bit unusual. He says that there is another part of Trump’s being besides his public persona and that is that Trump is, ‘cerebral’. What the Hell does that mean? Trump’s reply is even more strange but you can find it on the mainstream news if it means anything to you.
But the world is strange in any case these days. Maybe this is one of the reasons. Maybe Ben Carson will endorse this too. Then again, maybe he was the attending physician here. It is a bizarre thing for me to walk the streets and boardwalks (a little early but the weather is bringing them out) of Middle America and to see the theme of normal, cruising by, amidst all the other things being trump-eted by the media. The Protocols of Zion are inching and sometimes running toward the fulfillment of their agenda and the world just tries to adapt or stay on course. It’s touch and go but there seems to be more fiber to the content of bedrock America than one might think. There are many tens of thousands of Americans who still have something like a moral compass and who are trying to shepherd their families into a decent and productive existence. I like the look of it. In many ways it seems like all the twisted change that the Worldwide Zionist Media is trying, lights out, to usher in, or to convince us is actually happening and which is only going on in certain limited enclaves, which they also control, like academia and the educational system and it is one thing to get the complicity of administrators and another to compromise all of the teachers.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | On the Trump Town Train to Sundown and Sunrise up Ahead.


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