Smoking Mirrors | From Summers of Love to Summers of Rage.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
It’s one of those slow news Thursdays, which are not much different from any other slow news day. It just happens to be Thursday so it gets the prefix. This creates a dilemma for me. What do I talk about? We’ve already talked about nearly everything, backwards and forwards. We might have made some points here and there and we might have missed the point now and again but at least we showed up and one of my least favorite movie directors of all time said that that was the larger portion of success at anything; you simply show up.
Ted Cruz has gone all out on Monsanto as world savior. This caused him to take a massive hammering in the polls, which is as it should be and The Dark Act got shot down, surprisingly enough. Mr. Apocalypse’s hand is all over the place these days. Obama wants to put yet another Noahide junkie on the Supreme Court. Trump is going to give a major speech to AIPAC. The more things change but don’t change, the more they remain the same.
For reasons known only to themselves, many of the larger alternative websites, websites we used to be linked on, until we started talking too much about the ineffable and not conforming to the unknown requirements of these webmasters… who are now exhibiting all kinds of strange behavior; not the least of these is the gung ho Trump cheerleading that is going on at each of these sites. The way they are arranging their headlines is interesting. Oh… it could all be easily explained as simply an expression of their sincere political beliefs but it doesn’t explain the outright ignoring of all the combustible statements being made by Trump.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | From Summers of Love to Summers of Rage.


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