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I would like to share with the reader some of my favorite works over the years I’ve been here. This particular collection has many of them and comes by way of Steven from Strange Cat Productions. I’ve seen a number of lists in my time and have an exhaustive library of such works but this is one of the better collectives; obviously put together by someone who knows the subject matter. I have amassed a metaphysical and occult library that would have been unthinkable before the internet. True, the works are for the most part PDF but at least I have them. It’s not going to be anywhere near what is available in The Vatican Library but they aren’t going to let me anywhere near that.

These are, unfortunately, ‘interesting times’. The more I study them and the more I see, the more I have no idea what might come into play. I am left with what has been resounding in my head since I was living in Italy; “rely on me, rely on me.” I feel fairly certain that there is going to be trouble around the world this summer and the way much of preceding events indicates and the slow surge of all those things we thought would hit the fan some while earlier, I feel certain also that 2017 is when we are really going to see a whole lotta shaking going on.

I cannot stress the need for preparation enough and I don’t mean along the lines of preppers and Doomsday Paranoia Junkies. I am talking about internal preparation because that is the only way I know of to get any kind of effective intuitive input; meaning that if you can’t hear it, how will you know what is being said? We are all being spoken to more often than we imagine but we are not hearing much of it. The material world generates its own noise and there is a reason why the most priceless internal pipeline is called ‘the still silent voice’. There is a contradiction there though. If it is still and silent then how can you hear it? I’m guessing this term came from First Kings in that part having to do with Elijah when he was in the cave; unless that is all metaphorical. I don’t have a lot of use for The Old Testament. It is mostly a work of Gematria and it was stolen by a particular people from the histories of other people.

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