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People express their affections in various ways but most people, in the much larger mass, express them by degrees of the same way. It is understandable that someone might develop an attraction for Brazilian tree frogs. That it should become a powerful political movement is not understandable, unless the mass of the population have become so conditioned into being ‘agreeable’ that they lose all sense of proportion and accurate perspective. In the Bible it says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Attraction and affection are two different things and Love is different than either, even though Love at its more primitive level may give birth to both attraction and affection, Love moves far and away beyond either of these. It’s been said that ‘god is love’ and that Love created everything, including that which is not love for the purpose of everything being brought under the dominion of love. Of course, I don’t remember anyone actually saying that but I believe it and I think I am probably paraphrasing. We all are at any point because everything that can be said has already been stated, as Ecclesiastes said, “there is nothing new under the sun. All things have been from of old.” I buy that. God knows I paid for it.

Love can never be fathomed in its totality or fully expressed but everything that could be said, has been said, except in those wordless transmissions between the potter and the vessels; between the creator and the created. In that zone, wonder upon wonder appears and transcends beyond anything that human consciousness is prepared for, so, in the manner of the ancients, one must become more than human in order to experience it. This is the way of ancient wisdom and that which fools call evolution through limited understanding… first the rock, then the plant, then the animal, then the human, then the God. Intelligence is the source and guidance system of creation and not the result of it and intelligence will always fail if it is not directed by Love. Love sees across spaces too large for the imagination to visualize or for the senses to behold. It is always out of reach and as a result, for informed souls, always to be pursued.

via Visible Origami | There is No Way Out… only A Way In.


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