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I want to sing the praises of a certain entrepreneur, to start off with. I am talking about Costco. I remember about, well… it has to be 25 years at least, when this fellow set up his business model and I found out how well he treats his employees and how wonderful his products have been. It has been a satisfying experience to return to the US after 15 years in Europe and be able to go there again. I was there a few weeks ago with a friend and I stopped to talk to the man at one of those vendor/sampling tables that they have set up by the different aisles. I told him how much I appreciated his attitude and how much I loved Costco. He said he was grateful for Costco because he had contracted MS and no one would hire him, nor could he get health insurance. Costco hired him and gave him that. Then he told me that they hire the elderly and I had noticed a handful of people who were in their 70’s or more while I was walking through the place. This is the sort of thing we will see in the coming golden age. It is always amazing to me when people give a shit and strive to do the right thing and even more amazing to me when they succeed at it.
At the same time there are culture jackers who are grouped together and pushing those alternative sex, splinter agendas that are designed to throw a society into confusions and aggressive polarization that feed the divisiveness, in opposition to the creation of harmonic unification. Even a pea brain should be able to read through the language games and phrasal redundancies of this novelle cuisine, puff pastry article. People are being fired from their jobs and states, are being penalized for commentaries and laws that go counter to the designs of those who own the government and the media and who use both in their attempt to drive the culture down to Sump Pump City.
Then there is nonsense like this that links up Prince with Madame Just say No! I liked Prince’s work but when known Satanic atheist, sewer sites attempt to traffic in quasi-spiritual symbolism, you know there are other things at work. Here, the same site points out what I thought happened the moment I heard about it; not to mention those flu symptom references. Of course, I’ve got no beef with people taking drugs or even dying from them. To me it is all Karma. Meanwhile, the lame stream media is doing a full blackout on this item. I don’t enjoy linking this site at all but I do go there to see what their latest profanities are. There seems to be no end nor limits to the insanities afoot, all in the name of profit. Once again the coy and transparent language being employed is crystal clear for intention and the focus of large orchestrations of mind control are patently obvious.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Dancing on the Ledge of Certainty, Nature is Going to React. It is Inevitable.


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