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Dog Poet Transmitting…….
There are some fine writers out there that combine the finesse of precise articulation, honesty and courage combined. There are not many of them, of course …but there are some and this is one of them. We haven’t mentioned Mr. Apocalypse recently. What I would like to assure the reader of is this… Mr. Apocalypse is real and Mr. Apocalypse is coming and he is coming like the second coming, within the being of those of us, fortunate and unfortunate enough to live in these times. The second coming is coming in our hearts and Mr. Apocalypse is coming in our minds. It’s like one of those dual threats on the football field like Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett are going to be, only this qualifies as a dual blessing on the playing field of life. The avatar is bringing the light of enduring love up through the deep and hidden chambers of the heart and Mr. Apocalypse is playing that divine calypso rhythm on the sounding board of the human mind. It is what it is and if you can’t see that by now you cannot be accused of being an early bloomer.
There are some bad people out there and you can call them misguided or deceived. I call them someone to be pitied or someone I am grateful to for not having to be them and to play that role. There are quite a few names, certainly George Soros is near the top of the list, even if he is a Rothschild buttboy, he is fully committed but… at that point you have to be committed or they won’t use you; regardless of their deception, creations like Morgan Stanley, Rio Tinto and others, they were all committed. I sometimes see them as ranks upon ranks of doom bound lost souls in three piece suits marching in formation with the understanding that it is worth it in the short term to suffer in the long term and this gives new meaning to the vocation of hedge fund manager, or junk bond junkie. There are sharks in the water but there are bigger sharks around and Leviathan ain’t no rookie when it comes to swallowing things whole.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | Welcome to Samskara Land


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