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Success can be a funny thing. Most of the time this is because we determine, collectively, that success is all about material accomplishments. Closer scrutiny shows that material success is often accompanied by a host of material problems; all of them, new material problems, unlike the problems one might have had previously, many of which were probably generated by the pursuit of success and the conditions one was forced to deal with due to the lack of material success. There are also spiritual problems that come with success, though these are of lesser concern to many.
It is an enduring truth that most people do not come here for spiritual concerns. It is usually all about a handful of interests and necessities. The interests are often combined with the necessities, by example let us say one is driven to inhabit battlefields and one must be there anyway to complete the necessities of their Karma. Keeping this in mind one might say there is a possibility that one’s interests and necessities of appearance are ALL Karma. One might further speculate that one’s spiritual drive or lack of it are also the result of Karma but there has to be more to it all, though there are various masters who say “fugeddaboutit. It’s all Karma.” You don’t hear as much from these teachers as you do from the new age salesbots who want you to believe that you are completely independent of all restraints; a god in the making in the Presto Shake ‘n Bake mold and free to do as you please at any time you wish because you are only being held back by your programmed mind, which they will be glad to help you deprogram for a nominal fee.

via Visible Origami | When You’re Cool, the Sun is Always Shining.


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