Smoking Mirrors | Weasels in the Collider and the Turning Wheel of Fortune

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
When I first saw this headline, my immediate thought was, “How did an international banker or multinational lobbyist get into CERN? Imagine my disappointment when I found it was only a common weasel. When you play god you have to expect to encounter an act of god at some point; metaphysically speaking.
Talking about weasels, there has been this argument making the rounds that transgender types are harmless and also a good source of Vitamin D. Apparently there is more to the whole dynamic than we are being told. It seems that seeming to be transgender opens a Pandora type of box when a certain element begins to pose as one. I don’t know if there are all the examples of this that I have seen recently, referenced in this article. One site had a list of dozens of examples of this sort of thing. I will make one point and leave it at that. Whenever one departs from basic and ubiquitous human expressions of the serpent force, as it manifests on the manifest, the urges become diversified and amplified, as time progresses, because the level of desired satisfaction cannot be reached, ergo the need for variation becomes increasingly intensified.
One can make a host of ancillary arguments in support of this. People who pursue money as an end, never have enough. People in the pursuit of power, never have enough. People who are unconsciously driven, in general, never arrive at the hoped for destination because, not knowing what that is, it is impossible to visualize it, which greatly counts in terms of actualization. I am referring to ‘driven’ in a narrow sense and as something other than ‘aspiring’, or ‘inspired’. I often think about the words of Jesus Christ when he said, “get thee behind me Satan.”. This is the driving force but there is more to the matter than might appear. It could be that the force, associated in a limited and confused way as the devil, drives all of us but it is in our hands which direction and to what end we are being driven and that accounts for ‘intention’. I recommend studying the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card;

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