Visible Origami | Snorting Swaroski Crystal off of the Curve of a Perfect Ass.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Greetings dear friends and welcome to Visible Origami where we make metaphysical figurines out of folded, twisted and shaped imaginary paper. We’d do the same with stained glass and Swaroski crystal but we don’t have the experience or materials. Working in stained glass always intrigued me but you can’t do everything.
I respect a certain number of spiritual teachers, I wish I could be even half as effective as some of them. I’m not a spiritual teacher but we are all laborers in this vineyard and like it or not, we all affect each other. We might as well have a positive effect and even if we are only partially successful at it, it’s better than nothing at all. We are all given talents and as the parable teaches, we are expected to invest them. Alternatively, Yogananda advises that we ask the ineffable for a loan from his spiritual bank; “as above so below.” The ineffable will gladly do this. We get this loan and we pay back the principal with interest through the medium of our industry. This is all the ineffable wants from us, that we take this loan and convert it into action, even when action is sincere inaction (grin).
It is to be expected in a time of intense material darkness that spiritual teachers would appear who are not genuine and whose entire profile is all about the money. One of them that I know of makes awesome amounts of money and denies any interest in it. Something isn’t right with this sort of thing. The comments really speak into the matter here.

via Visible Origami | Snorting Swaroski Crystal off of the Curve of a Perfect Ass.


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