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Dog Poet Transmitting…

We will fail in our efforts to do the right thing, again and again but we will fail less so ♫as time goes by♫. Our persistence and determination will be the deciding factor in our becoming more skilled at doing the right thing and it doesn’t hurt to know what the right thing is to begin with. As we engage more and more in self inquiry it will become more and more clear to us what the right thing is. The more we uncover the truth about ourselves, the more we will be able to identify the truth in others and all around us and the key to that is to look beyond appearances; to fundamentally comprehend that appearances are a lie and to not be distracted by or put in fear of them.

If it is easier for you to believe in the obvious and provable lie of the holocaust, the more you invite one into your own life. The more you believe that it is a dog eat dog world, the more you will live in one. The more you embrace the common lies that surround us, the more you will be a part and party to them and eventually they will seem like the truth to you and that renders you walking blind through the land of smoke and mirrors.

Something happens in the hearts and minds of those who refuse to believe in and serve the illusions and the lies. The truth comes looking for you. When it comes to the residents and maintainers of the divine regions, when you are looking for them they are looking for you. Before you even know you are on this journey, there is someone journeying toward you. “When the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.”

There is no upside to buying into lies. This does not afford you some consistent protection, when it is lies that you need protecting from in the first place. It is a given that except in rare circumstances, we all die. What this should prove is that what matter is HOW you live your life. How you live your life sets the coordinates for where you wind up, passing onward into what is largely unknown on this side of the equation. We collectively mistake the meaning of death. It is largely only in primitive cultures that death is better understood. They seem to also have a better idea of how one lives their life as well. We are not all primitive. Most of us are not and have not been for a very long time. We are in no danger at any time from primitive cultures in any greater sense. We are in constant danger from the so called ‘civilized’. It seems like the more civilized we believe ourselves to be, the more dangerous we are.

I am not here as an apologist for primitive cultures. They can be as brutal as anyone but they don’t visit that upon the whole planet and they have come to their own terms about the meaning of what they believe and what they do.

One thing I have noticed in my travels through different lands and different cultures is that the poorer a people are, the more friendly and generous they often are. I have also found that the richer a people are, the less friendly and generous they are. I don’t want to be like that and I will not be like that. Better to be poor in worldly goods and rich in the ways that really count.

Have a wonderful day!

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Not so Footloose, in a Rigged Casino Wonderland for the Rich and Powerful.


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