Hillary’s woman troubles – Patriot Rising

By the time Thursday rolled around, polls showed Hillary Clinton had fallen to second place behind presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. The same poll also indicated her unfavorability ratings with the electorate have now surpassed the *ahem* occasionally abrasive Trump. At this point, her campaign is a train wreck, and I don’t mean the shopping-cart-on-the-T-tracks kind that causes an hour delay on the Orange Line; I mean the explode-y kind that ends up as a TV movie.

Maybe that’s why The New York Times, always a redoubtable defender of all things Hillary, trotted out a lurid tale of misogynistic horrors miles beyond the realm of decency. In last Saturday’s edition of “All the News That Hillary Considers Fit to Print,” the Times took aim at Donald Trump’s romantic past with “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved with Women in Private.” He noticed the Miss Universe pageant contestants’ looks! He called a woman “dear!” That’s almost as sexist as Chris Matthews’ inner monologue whenever he sees Melania Trump! And the Times had the proof in black and white; testimony from the victims of Trump’s anti-woman assaults.

via Hillary’s woman troubles – Patriot Rising


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