Smoking Mirrors | Oh Lawd I got 99 …Talking Apocalypse Blues

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What we all have to understand is that in a time of apocalypse, the essential force is a force of revealing, uncovering, exposing …and that means the truth will come out. It will come out sweet and wonderful and filled with joy and promise for those who love and seek the truth and carry within them; joy and promise.

On the other hand, the tormentors and abusers at whose hands we have, in the majority suffered, know that their time is short. For whatever the reason, we have all made contracts with one side of the force or the other. I will not comment upon whatever the motives were. That is not my affair. My affair is to understand how the game itself is played… and it is a game; so to speak… some say it is a joke. I am more of the opinion that it is a conundrum, or a riddle that is only solved by the acquisition of the requisite amount of Love. In tandem with that one must possess Understanding. You’d think this would all be a matter of common sense but common sense is in short supply these days.

Regardless, ‘they’ know their time is short. They know it is all coming out and it’s not like this is the first time it has happened. For all I know, chosen aspects of the almighty… splintered into expression in search of itself… switch roles in alternating dramas. You know? Like this time, you’ll be on that side of Armageddon and next time I will be on this side. The thing is… no matter when you come to Armageddon, independent of which side you are on… the battle is already won.

via Smoking Mirrors | Oh Lawd I got 99 …Talking Apocalypse Blues


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