– Countries With Most Vaccinations Have Highest Infant Mortality Rates

Countries that require the most vaccinations for children
under the age of one year also have the highest infant mortality rates,
according to a new study conducted by Think Twice Global Vaccine
The study, published in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology, raises the important question – are some infant deaths associated with over-vaccination?

US vaccine schedule calls for 26 vaccine doses before the age of one
year, yet the country still ranks 34th among nations for infant reports:

researchers collected infant mortality rates (IMRs) for the top 34
countries in the world. Four of the countries – Andorra, Liechtenstein,
Monaco and San Marino – had so few infant deaths (fewer than five) that
their IMRs were considered statistically unreliable, so these countries
were excluded from the analysis.

For the remaining 30 countries, a higher number of required vaccine doses was associated with a higher IMR – refuting the argument that a higher
number of vaccinations improves overall infant health.In fact,
most of the vaccines recommended for children under age 1 are not
intended to prevent diseases that are dangerous in that age group.
Instead, U.S. vaccine policy emphasizes vaccinating children at as young
an age as possible, including against diseases that are only dangerous
later in life.The
countries were then divided into five different groups, depending on
how many vaccine doses they require for children under age 1: 12–14
doses, 15–17 doses, 18–20 doses, 21–23 doses and 24–26 doses. The
researchers found that countries in the 12–14 dose group had
significantly better (lower) IMRs than countries in the 21–23 or 24–26
groups.What is causing these deaths?

via – Countries With Most Vaccinations Have Highest Infant Mortality Rates


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