Smoking Mirrors | In the Consideration of Things we Should have Considered.

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This is a strange world… if you know what I mean. Sure… it twists and turns but it also can be peeled because like an onion it has a lot of layers. I only provide this link because behind the scenes of all these planetary schemes, there is level upon level, going up and down and in and out and also, in some cases, hyperwarping through dimensions and variations on that time and space thing. If you read the news these days and if you are at all familiar with The Works of Mr. Apocalypse then you are seeing the sort of patterns and events that speak into the work of Mr. Apocalypse.

All kinds of strange events are surfacing. If you don’t peel the onion you wouldn’t get how this news item ties into this massive push of late to ‘gay things up’. At the same time. You might want to see how this is the deathknell for this particular branch. Then again, they killed most of The Seals that were involved in that ridiculous Bin Laden stunt in Pakistan; was it Pakistan? Does it matter? If you make it up, does it matter what the fictitious names are?

Mr. Apocalypse told me that he was going to do things in an ingeniously humorous fashion. I believe him when he talks to me because if he wants my attention, he just takes it; not that that has anything to do with the link, cause it doesn’t but… I mean; you know how they say, “You can’t make this shit up?” Well, of course you can but… this qualifies as something along those lines. I love how they take these iconic figures, all draped in somber fascia and dripping with gravitas and… make them out to be not only decent but… exceptional beings and they are some of the worst human reptiles on Earth and then? And then? And then along comes Mr. Apocalypse and you get an insect named after an insect. Ah… but what an insect! You should look up the Praying Mantis sometime and see what it does. My appreciation for it was a part of the martial arts disciplines I once followed. However (grin), in this case I am celebrating the insect; not the human evolution of it. There is a reason why there are barriers between species (and hopefully feces as well), they don’t act right on the planes above. This is why if you want to see God you have to be God.

via Smoking Mirrors | In the Consideration of Things we Should have Considered.


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