Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Incomprehensibility of the One in the Minds of the Many.

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Was sitting here this morning and thinking; “What should I write about today?” Then I went to the Crass Media and saw where 20 guys (I’m assuming it was all guys) got killed and around 50 wounded in the city of Orlando. I went back a little later and it was 50 dead and fifty wounded. The story is that he saw a couple of guys kissing in Miami a few months past and it infuriated him. Of course, he is a Muslim. One of the witnesses there said it couldn’t be just one person because the shooting was continuous. It does make you wonder how one person could get that many people. That’s a pretty high body count.
The club is called Pulse. Interestingly, Orlando is the location of Disney World. I’m not going back to read about any of it at the Crass Media, I wait until all the false flag and multiple shooters evidence comes out. I look for coincidences and ironies. I don’t believe in coincidences but I look for them anyway. This whole affair stinks to high heaven. We know that the demonic intelligence agencies are capable of anything. We know there has been this aggressive push for more than equal rights; most especially for transvestites and the like, pre and post and etc. I’ve decided I am not going to bow down to the language police, or anyone else, except for the almighty and bowing to the almighty is not a matter of choice. It is irresistible.
Right off the bat it is my belief, prior to any information to that effect, that this mass murder was orchestrated and agenda driven to drum up an ever greater support for a particular meme that has been running into (pun intended) some stiff opposition and the whole force of Political Correctness is generating outrage all across the country. We don’t see much of this because the news is suppressed. The news is manufactured. The news is garbage in and garbage out. It’s crap and they hired all of the automatic hacks that were frothing for the opportunity to lie. Some people will do anything for a paycheck and those are the people they hire. They look for the most self involved and egocentric people around and in a time of materialism, these people are not hard to find. Also, since they can manipulate the economy whenever they choose, they can turn up the heat on the populations.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Incomprehensibility of the One in the Minds of the Many.


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