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My apologies dear reader, for not being around. I have no legitimate excuse except to say that I have been thinking and thinking and thinking; reading the daily litany of lies and thinking I should say something about that fecal smear, or this fecal smear but then thinking I should just keep quiet because I am not a forensic fecalist. I have no papers to that effect, have written no scholarly papers and I don’t want to feel like I am repeating myself, or worse, mailing it in and that leaves me thinking about it… all of it.

I find myself in an area of the planet where I used to be a few decades ago and which I left because Reagan became president and the world changed. At least… the world I knew had changed. Maybe it had always been the way it was but I just hadn’t noticed and it took the meme of Greed that was the 80’s to bring it to my attention. I’ve tried to be creative over the years but you hit these places where you just have to think about it all because suddenly you are surrounded by meaninglessness and the redundancy of people going through the motions and repeating patterns over and over in some kind of Sisyphean embarrassment. I feel like I should be throwing out life preservers to all the Chinese acrobats in my alphabet soup. I’m sure we all reach a place now and again when we ask ourselves; “what the Hell am I talking about?”

The world I see is a madhouse. Does that mean I am mad because it is what I see? I could see it many ways. It could look sane to me. Would that mean I was sane but… if the world really is a madhouse I would prefer not to be one of the inmates. This is one of the core things I have to think about. Agendas are lumbering on a rampage like drunken elephants through a shopping mall. Some of them are dressed up like those painted boys who were kept in the mansions of some dissolute marquis or manufactured royalty in pre-revolutionary France. Some of them had them in dozens. Today they got them in the hundreds and thousands in Hollywood. Would that be pre-revolutionary Hollywood? Another lumbering elephant is the race wars and then there are the culture wars, the language wars, the immigrant wars, the economic wars. The worst of the wars is the war of lies against the truth and worse than that is the size of the army that serves the military industrial complex of lies. Maybe it isn’t such a big deal if you are part of it and it seems real to you but it doesn’t seem real to me and therein is the conundrum. It’s okay, I guess, if you are skating on non existent ice, as long as you believe the ice is there. If you know there is no ice, then putting on a pair of skates seems ridiculous but… not to the people who believe the ice is there. Do I submit to the general fantasy and agree that there is ice, even when I know that there is not? Do I buy into global warming when it seems to be getting colder? I’m not a scientist in the first place. I am a scientist actually but not that kind of scientist.

via Visible Origami | The Chinese Acrobats in my Alphabet Soup.


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