Reflections in a Petri Dish | Tragedy, Farce and the Goddamned Kali Yuga.

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Well, it’s official, Obama and his cabal of criminals are set upon creating race war in America and the migrant situation is a part of that, as is the shooting of black men around the country and now the killing of Dallas policemen in the worst example of the kind in 116 years. Expect much more of the same to follow. The self styled elite know more about what they are up against than is generally known by the general public. They know that their time grows short, so nothing short of global chaos will satisfy them in the performance of their doom, in the short hours before the changing of the guard.

What needs to be understood about Satanists is that they come in several types. The dedicated upper tier, committed psychopaths, fully believe that they will reign in Hell, according to their contributions to the will of their dark master. Their master is rendered dark by their perception of him as the Prince of Darkness. In fact he is both sides of the coin at all times. He is the one who both snares and liberates accordingly. This upper tier are conscious supplicants of evil and believe they will be rewarded to the extent that they have served. This is so but… when dealing with ‘the father of lies’, all bets are off in consideration of what actually comes to pass.

There are other tiers that are less aware of the spiritual angle and they are composed of the self serving, the materialistically committed, the aggressive atheists, the fundamentalist religion junkies, the professional liars and the political correctness agents; pretty much all of those deluded by one fiction or another, which permits them the license to oppress their fellows and anyone who gets in their way. There are the consciously willing and then there are those who assist in the process because the process provides venal opportunity for them. There are also those who are motivated by fear. Fear makes it possible to accomplish all manner of crimes.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Tragedy, Farce and the Goddamned Kali Yuga.


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