Anonymous summarizes & documents 30 year crime spree of Hillary Clinton…

Here is the entire message of Anonymous that I cut and paste below. The links make me wonder why Presidential candidates do not have to pass an FBI background check but people who deliver our daily mail must be thoroughly investigated…

Hillary Clinton:

Greetings, We are Anonymous This is an Open Message to You Hillary Clinton, We Know What You and Your People Stand For and We Do Not Forget, It Seems Lying has Become a Second Nature to You.. Should we Say your only Nature and Many Blindly Support You, but we know your real Motives, your Real Plans, You Will Not Bring About Change, At least not in a Positive Way, and you will remain a puppet like all those before you..

Remember the 30,000 Emails You Deleted, Remember the Shady Weapons Deals that Helped Arm Isis? Remember you telling your aides to Delete Classification Tags? Remember the Jokes about “Wiping” your server? Remember All your lies? Hillary, there is a reason that they say to tell the truth the first time around so you don’t have to remember your lies.. they add up, your behavior and your actions they all add up..

Oh but Hillary, you will learn today why Anonymous doesn’t forget and how we took the liberty to Archive All of your corruption, your lies, shady deals, and even family history.. We even went as far to include your past scandals, we told you back in January we were going to dig up all of your closet skeletons and We Weren’t Lying..

Included Below is All of Your History.. We Even Included the Clinton Body Count Because Frankly, We Feel 80 Dead People Around One Family Name is Suspicious Especially When Lawyers, and your Associates are Included in Such a List with Suspicious Deaths Surrounding investigations and When Women like Kathleen Willey and Others Have Come Forward Saying they were Threatened by your henchman..

But What Really Did it for Us Was the Blatant Display of Electioneering by YOU and YOUR Husband Slick Willy.. so we Also Compiled a List of All the Election Rigging We’ve Been Seeing.. but We didn’t Only Include the DNC Oh No, We Are Fed Up with the Bull shit, our voice and vote is being suppressed and where as we take no Political Affiliation Here and just Seek to See you Destroyed We can Not Ignore Super Delegates and Delegates Ruining Democracy.. its Over, Hillary your Presidential Run Ends Here and Your Prison Run Starts Now..

We Demand the FBI Indicts and Imprisons this Career Criminal.. The Evidence, provided Below Should Be Enough, You Are Welcome We DID your Research.. In the Next Couple Weeks, We Will Be Campaigning with a Fax Bomb Campaign For Everyone to Call their Senators, and Congressman to Demand a Special Council is Put together to Prosecute Hillary Clinton.. Because We Know the DOJ and Loretta Lynch Will Not Do Their Job Against their Own.. We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, You Should’ve Expected Us.. will update when we see fit..

Without Further Ado We Present, the Clinton Show..: PR: Anonymous – Message to Hillary Clinton:
Without Further Ado We Present, the Clinton Show..: PR: Anonymous – Message to Hillary Clinton:

via Anonymous summarizes & documents 30 year crime spree of Hillary Clinton…


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