Trump’s Secret Weapon Needed to Defeat Hillary – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

By Dave Hodges

Ordinarily, these polling numbers, for an establishment candidate, coming from an establishment poll, would be fatal their campaign. However, if Hillary were a cat, she would have 90 lives, instead of nine. Every criminal act she has committed seems to just slide right off of her. Just like, her husband in-name-only, Bill Clinton, nothing sticks as the Clinton crime syndicate continues to roll right along.

Clinton has two secret weapons. First, she has a criminal administration, in the form of Obama, Lynch and Comey, that is willing to protect her in order to preserve the status quo. She has the defense industry and the banks on her side, because she will clearly start wars for profit for these institutions that Eisenhower labled “the military industrial complex”. She has the welfare crowd, as well as the illegal immigrants on her side as well. Her second secret weapon has to do with the Stanford University study that clearly showed that in states that used only electronic voting machines, this helped Clinton gain a 9% advantage over the election exit polling. Perhaps the best indicator is how the swing states, such as Ohio, Florida, California, etc., will lean, will be based upon how many of these states use electronic voting machines. The Stanford study suggests that in these states, Trump would have to win by 10% in order to win by 1%.

via Trump’s Secret Weapon Needed to Defeat Hillary – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


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