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Well, it is definitely official now. The near wholly owned Zionist media REALLY hates Donald Trump. I’ve been watching this site for weeks now and sometimes it is as if Trump and all Trump related news; so long as it is negative, is all the news. As you scroll down the page, you find them announcing the same information over and over. The latest is an ‘alleged’ Trump intervention by such moral standouts as Mr. Deep in the Facilitation of the Israeli 9/11 Assault on America, Rudolph- the red nosed tranny- Giuliani and other name faces, where phrenology boils down to being able to read the cowpie formations of their features. If you read the article you see that there is no proof of any of this. Those close to Trump say they have no knowledge of any such thing and there is no quote by any of the ‘alleged’ players to that effect. There has been page after page of garbage, like the uproar from one Khan whose son died over a decade ago in one of those Israeli promoted and sponsored Middle East conflicts. He is apparently neck deep in the odious murk of Clinton’s nether regions.
Today’s page is surprisingly light on Trump affairs. I could have picked another day but this is the day it’s come up. However, on my word, it has been off the charts on negative Trumporabilia. In the days that Red Ass Khan came bombastically out at the Gay Israeli Convention in Philadelphia, they would have the same article reproduced half a dozen times on THE SAME PAGE. I can’t remember if he was followed by the spokes-it for Tranny Lives Matter but that is neither here nor there but… probably there.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Anointed with Hyena Semen and Wolverine Piss.


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